Divorce in Ukraine.

If you are not Ukrainian and do not have an opportunity to be present at the court, we can do it.

There are some demands.

  1. The spouse must be a citizen of Ukraine, or the marriage must be concluded on the territory of Ukraine
  2. Marriage can not be terminated if the woman is pregnant, or there is a child under the age of one (born in marriage)
  3. If there are children under the age of 18, then the court must determine the place of residence of the child
  4. If the spouse wants to establish in court the alimony for himself and the child, it can be done together with the divorce
  5. If it is necessary to conduct a division of property, debt mortgages, obligations — all the property must be confirmed by documents.

If both spouses want to divorce, there are no children in the marriage and the spouse is not pregnant, there are no property disputes — divorce is possible without trial.

If you do not have the original marriage certificate — we can get a duplicate.

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